Repetition compulsion: Why do we repeat the past?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does so-and-so keep going for the same type of partner even though their parents were abusive?” It may be a repetition compulsion.

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LET’S TALK : Depression

“Depression affects your functioning – It’s not just sadness”

I think it’s important to talk about what we do with depression in society. How we move it around loosely in our language to a point where it can mean so many things. It’s a mental illness, a word, a vague expression, a public misunderstanding. This is problematic because it often delegitimizes what individuals truly experience. I’m hoping to tackle a few of these issues that are commonly riddled with misinformation. This is not an exhaustive discussion of depression but rather I’ll be looking at what depression is (clinically), different ways of conceptualising it and some challenges related to depression in society. Continue reading “LET’S TALK : Depression”

Why write a psychology blog?

“Taking a firm step onto a shaky foundation that is publicly talking about mental illness  and psychology”

I’ve decided to start a blog and take a firm step onto a shaky foundation that is publicly talking about mental illness/health and psychology. My name is Amy Glover, I’m a Clinical Psychologist, completing my community service in the Southern Cape of South Africa. This first post  is an introductory one; why I chose psychology, why I’m writing a psychology blog and a bit about me. Continue reading “Why write a psychology blog?”