Could supportive psychotherapy help us cope during the time of COVID-19?

By Amy Glover and Dr Olivia Matshabane.

Supportive psychotherapy is one method which could help many South Africans to cope with the mental health stresses experienced due to COVID-19.

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Lockdown lowdown: Best mental health tips

We are all dealing with very uncertain circumstances with regards to the various lockdown levels and their extension/s and it is important to prioritize your mental health throughout. One way to do this is to revisit your current routine and check in what you are doing for your mind, body and spirit to support your mental health.

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Amy Glover | Clinical Psychologist

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Amy Glover is a practicing Clinical Psychologist based in Cape Town. She has her masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch. She divides her time between a private practice in Vredehoek, Cape Town and developing practitioner-led resources to equip professionals to navigate online platforms for mental health services. She is passionate about preventative mental health and works with individuals and couples. Amy Glover is available to see clients online for therapy. Email: