Assisting each individual to reach their intrinsic potential.

Amy Glover | Clinical Psychologist | Vredehoek, Cape Town

Amy Glover is a practicing Clinical Psychologist based in Cape Town. She has her masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch. She divides her time between a private practice in Vredehoek, Cape Town and developing practitioner-led resources to equip professionals to navigate online platforms for mental health services. She is passionate about preventative mental health and works with individuals and couples. Amy Glover is available to see clients online or in person for therapy.

Our Services

I assist adolescents, adults and couples who experience a range of psychological difficulties. My areas of interest include (but are not limited to) relationship difficulties, negotiation of major life transitions, bereavement and loss, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, substance use and self improvement.

My approach

In my work with clients in psychotherapy, I very much believe in assisting each individual in reaching their intrinsic potential. I am passionate about preventative mental health meaning early intervention is something I prioritize to prevent further difficulties. I’m a believer that clients are their own expert and work to create a collaborative space to promote sharing, growing and learning. Therapy can be a vulnerable experience, and it’s one that should feel safe and secure in order to access difficult experiences and emotions in order to heal. I am also very aware that we do not exist in isolation; we exist within relationships, families, work environments, cultures, histories, countries, legacies. I find a good awareness of the systems in which we exist, key in understanding an individual and assisting in their development. I am guided by a psychodynamic approach as well as integrating cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy when appropriate. I am a Registered BWRT® Practitioner which is a therapy I use when appropriate for trauma and anxiety.

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Work experience

I have previously worked at Valkenberg Hospital (in Adult psychiatry and forensics), Red Cross Hospital within the Division of Child and Adolescent psychiatry, and within the Department of Correctional Services providing rehabilitation to inmates of correctional services; providing psychotherapy to people of all age groups at Heideveld Community Health Clinic and at Akeso Kenilworth Clinic providing treatment in general psychiatry and addictions. I have also worked on a sessional basis within the Centre for student support services at the University of the Western Cape. Currently, I divide my time between private practice in Vredehoek as well as developing practitioner-led resources to equip professionals to navigate online platforms for mental health services


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Amy Glover | Clinical Psychologist

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