Maternal Mental Health Q&A

Hi everyone! The following link is to a video I did in collaboration with Segolene from WellnessFingerprint.

In the video I look at the following questions:

1. What is maternal mental health?

2. What are the risk factors? [for maternal mental health difficulties]

3. What are the signs and symptoms of maternal depression?

4. Why is it difficult to recognize or admit to being depressed or anxious during pregnancy or postpartum?

5. How can you encourage a mother to seek help when she is fearful of how this will be viewed in terms of her ability to parent?

6. What is the best way to find an informed healthcare professional to work with?

7. Does online therapy or therapy over the phone work?

8. What about complementary and alternative medicine?

9. What should a mother do if she thinks she suffers from depression or anxiety?

10. What kind of treatment will help?

11. What if a mother is not feeling depressed? Are there other perinatal mental health reactions or disorders?

12. How is postpartum depression different from the baby blues?

13. Can you recommend hand-outs/articles to read?

14. What should a mother do if she needs help right away?

Click here for the full video :

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