Dear All,

I have collated my current working plans as well as plans for the way forward which may be relevant for existing clients, future clients, colleagues as well as anyone else who has been following my blog.


  1. I am still practicing, fully online
  2. Currently, I will not have any face to face consultations – in the interest of social solidarity and physical distancing. This will apply for new and existing clients.
  3. The Cape Doctor Practice is still operational and can still be reached on the regular practice details. Our Covid-19 protocol is available below and here.
  4. Coming soon: I will be releasing a series of online resources. The first of those resources will be released this week! It will cover Online Therapy and is aimed at South African Mental Health Practitioners. Available here by the end of the week.
  5. In support of Health Care Professionals, I will be offering a reduced rate for online supportive therapy. Kindly email me for more details.


With the uncertainty of the current times, I will be quite active online and aim to assist our citizens the best I can. I imagine things will change daily and as such I might change my working plans to adapt to the context. To follow future developments from Amy Glover Psychologist and the Cape Doctor practice, please do one of the following:

1. Leave your email address in the comments

2. Send me an email at highlighting the aspects you would like more information around.

3. Subscribe to my blog. This way you will get a mail when I make posts here.


Amy Glover Clinical Psychologist Facebook

The Cape Doctor Facebook




I am here to support and remain committed to your mental health and the public health of South Africa. Let’s try our best to be patient and gentle with one another during these times.




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